ProSource NytroWhey Protein Powder {Review}

In our house we are lovers of protein powder!  Kyle has been using protein powder to supplement his protein intake for years and I recently started incorporating it into my diet within the last year or two.  When I first started using protein powder I gravitated towards certain powders strictly based on taste.  I really didn’t pay too much attention to the nutritional facts other than the number of grams of protein per scoop.

When Fitfluential presented me with the opportunity to try ProSource protein, I jumped at the opportunity!  Protein, in general, is a great source of energy for your body and helps to promote muscle growth and recovery, especially after a tough workout.

NitroWhey Vanilla1

ProSource had several flavors of the NytroWhey 100% Whey Protein Isolate to choose from but I stuck with basic vanilla.  Kyle typically likes the vanilla flavored protein and I like to mix the powder into smoothies so the vanilla flavor was the ideal choice.

NitroWhey Vanilla4

I tried the vanilla protein just plain, mixed with water and found the powder to blend well with the water in my shaker.  I also added a scoop of protein to various smoothies and noted that the vanilla flavor mixed well with the additional almond milk and fruit I used.  Kyle also tried the protein powder after his workouts and had no problems mixing it with milk or water.

The nutritional information on the ProSource Protein Isolate is amazing!

NitroWhey Vanilla Nutritional Info

One scoop has only 150 calories and 23g of protein!  Kyle and I were both very impressed by the low sugar (< 1g) and overall low carb content (4g) of the powder.  Despite having less sugar than the powders I was used to, the taste was pretty good!

Our overall experience sampling the ProSource NytroWhey 100% Whey Protein Isolate was very positive!  In fact, Kyle had used up his existing supply of whey protein concentrate and switched to the whey protein isolate.  I still have a few tubs of my old protein that I need to work through before I can make the switch over to whey isolate.

Disclaimer:  As a Fitfluential Ambassador, I was provided a free sample of the ProSource NytroWhy 100% Whey Protein Isolate; all opinions stated above are my own.

Question:  Are you a fan of protein powders?  Any favorite flavors?

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