Shopping Spree

Over the past week or two I’ve gone on quite the fitness shopping spree.  There were a few fitness-related items that I really wanted so I decided now was just as good of a time as any to pick them up. 

Zensah compression leg sleeves were a much needed item!  I have been experiencing a little tightness in my calves after some of my longer runs and I really wanted to see if compression sleeves would help with that.

zensah compression leg sleeves

I ordered mine off Amazon for $40 (for a pair) and got the light pink color shown above.  I have tried them a few times already and really like them! 

The next item I really wanted was an adjustable wrist band for my Garmin.  The Garmin comes with a plastic wristband that resembles a watch.  I have really small wrists and found that I couldn’t always get the Garmin tight enough or situated in the right spot on my wrist because of the placement of the holes in the strap.


Again, I turned to Amazon and found a strap replacement kit for $13 that came with the adjustable Velcro strap I wanted, a strap extender for those with large wrists, and extra pins to attach the strap the Garmin.  I have tried the new strap out on two runs and I’m completely in love!! I can position the Garmin exactly where I want it on my wrist!  I have also been able to wear it over my shirt sleeves without any issues.  I highly recommend changing out the plastic strap for an adjustable strap!

A must have necessity for me are properly fitting socks.  I have pretty tiny feet and find that I’m more comfortable in girls socks because they fit my feet a lot better and don’t have a bunch of extra fabric at the toes/heels.  I headed out to Dick’s Sporting Goods this weekend on the hunt for just some plain athletic socks,nothing too fancy.

under armour girls socks

I picked up this 6-pack of girls Under Armour socks and I’m happy to report they fit perfectly!!  I also picked up this pair of running socks but I haven’t tried them out yet, I’m planning on wearing them tomorrow night. 

While I was at Dick’s I found a display of running accessories and couldn’t resist picking up a water bottle to carry while running.  I have some big running plans for this summer (more on that later) and want to try out a water bottle to take with me on my long runs.

nathan water pack

I haven’t tried this out yet and won’t be able to put it to use it until my 10k race on Saturday.  I’m still not sure if I’m going to take it on Saturday or not.  I’m not used to running with it and I’m not sure that a 10k race is the ideal time to try it out. 

And finally, my last purchase during my shopping spree..a Road ID!!


I have seen advertisements for the Road ID in various magazines and on the bibs for some of the races I have participated in and finally decided I should get one.  I purchased the Wrist ID Slim in a pretty purple color.  I absolutely love it!  It’s so light and you don’t even realize you are wearing it.  When completing your order there is usually space to put a motivational quote, depending on how much information you choose to include, and I opted to put on a quote that I found on Pinterest, “Nothing is impossible, the word is I’m possible!”

As a way of saying thank you for my order, Road ID provided me a coupon code for use up to 20 times within the next 30 days.  You can use the code ThanksKaren13863153 for $1 off any Road ID order.  If you are thinking about ordering a Road ID now is the perfect opportunity. 

Just to be clear I purchased all of the products mentioned above with my own money and was not compensated in any way for my comments.  These are all great products that I had fun purchasing and wanted to share with all of you.

Question:  What was your latest fitness-related purchase? 

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