Workout Recap

Overall this week was pretty good in terms of workouts.  Since Daylight Savings Time ended last weekend I have been enjoying the lighter evenings and managed to get in a few evening runs.  I also completed the second week of Tina’s Bootcamp

The workouts for Week 1 and 2 were all of the same exercises with just a different tempo each week.  While I can not disclose the specifics of the workouts Tina put together, I thought I would share with you two of my favorite moves from weeks 1 and 2.

Straight Arm Plank with Leg Lift


This move was very challenging!  Both weeks I found it difficult to complete the recommended number of reps but I took my time and really focused on my core muscles.  I definitely need to keep up with the core moves!

One Leg Sit & Stands


I felt the burn in my quads the entire time I did these!

Last weeks workouts:

  • Monday – Bootcamp Workout A
  • Tuesday – 2 miles speed work on the track
  • Wednesday – Bootcamp Workout B
  • Thursday – 2 mile run
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – 5 mile run
  • Sunday – Bootcamp Workout C

This weeks schedule: 

  • Monday – Bootcamp Workout A
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run
  • Wednesday – Bootcamp Workout B
  • Thursday – 3 mile run
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 5 mile run
  • Sunday – Bootcamp Workout C

I’m looking forward to the new workouts Tina designed for Weeks 3 and 4!

Question:  How were your workouts last week?  Any favorite moves to share?

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