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I found a great tool to help me organize the recipes I post on my blog…RECIpage!  RECIpage is a free website that you can use to search for recipes that other bloggers have created and a tool to help organize your own recipes and post them on your blog.   The site was designed by fellow blogger Emily and her husband Casey.

RecipageI was able to create a new recipe page (check it out here) that allows readers to find my recipes by using various search parameters.  I had to spend a little bit of time typing in my recipes into RECIpage but since I don’t have that many (yet) it wasn’t a big deal.  I still need to upload some photos for my recipes so the page is still a work in progress.

Another great feature of RECIpage is the ability to embed your recipes directly into your posts.  I  find it very appealing when bloggers maintain consistent formatting on their recipes and now I will have the ability to do that too.  There is a nice tutorial on the website that gives step by step instructions on how to do this.  

I would highly recommend RECIpage to any bloggers that post recipes and anyone looking for a new searchable collection of recipes.  There are over 15,000 recipes to search so you are sure to find something delicious! 

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