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Things have been pretty busy around here, which you have probably already figured out by my lack of posting! Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

I signed the girls up for Soccer Shots after their incessant begging to try the program. I went to Target and bought them each a shirt and pair of shorts for soccer (and other athletic activities). Both girls were super excited the morning of the first session…



The session starts and Ry-Ry REFUSES to participate and sits with me the entire time. Kay-Kay participated for a few minutes and then randomly started crying right in the middle of one of the drills. The coach tried everything to get Kay-Kay to continue but she just cried the entire time. The experience was an absolute FAIL!!

Fortunately, I e-mailed the program director and I was able to obtain a credit towards a future session. The program will be offered at their preschool in the Spring and I’m convinced the girls will participate if they are among their friends from school (and if I’m not there). Even if they don’t, I won’t be there to see it : )

I survived my first “busy” season at my new job. With my previous job in public accounting I had an accountant’s traditional busy season of crazy work hours from Jan – April 15th (and then again from July to Sept 15th). Even though I was part time I still ended up working crazy hours for several weeks through both busy seasons. Now, with my new job, I have a “busy” season at the end of every quarter and one at year-end as we prepare the necessary financial filings.

My “busy” season this quarter consisted of working until 5:30/6 one or two days and then a few hours on two Saturdays in early January. It was nothing like I have experienced in the past – it was glorious!! I am actually looking forward to February and March this year and finding new ways to enjoy my weekends : )

Kyle was out of town one weekend and I had a nice little cooking session. I attempted the following recipes:

  • Katie’s Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas – I added some shredded salsa chicken to the filling and they were AMAZING!!! I definitely recommend these!!
  • Jamie Eason’s Carrot Cake Protein Bars – I had a little oops with the artificial sweetener. I somehow messed up the measurement and put in way to much and my bars were way to sweet! I’m still eating them because I don’t really like to waste food. And while the bars are edible, I will definitely be cutting down on the artificial sweetener in the next batch!!

Well that about sums up the latest and greatest happenings in my life right now!

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