A Bump in the Road

I have been diligently completing the scheduled workouts on the Couch to 5K program for the past 5 weeks.  I have been making great progress with my running and have really enjoyed the time I get to spend running.

Yesterday afternoon I started to notice some tenderness in my right ankle.  The pain wasn’t unbearable so I decided to plug through a run and I completed Week 5 Day 2 of C25K with only mild pain.

As the evening wore on and I spent time relaxing on the couch my ankle got really sore.  Each time that I got up off the couch, it was extremely painful and hard to bear weight on my right ankle.

When I woke up today the pain was still there and it made walking today pretty uncomfortable.  I tried to stay off my feet as much as possible at work today.

The pain is focused on the outside of my right ankle bone.  There is no visible bruising but there is a little bit of swelling and the bone is very painful to touch. It’s pretty uncomfortable to walk and bear weight on my ankle and it really hurts when I try to pivot using that foot.

I’m not really sure what is causing the pain or how an injury may have occurred.  I do not remember twisting my ankle or bumping it on anything.  Could the injury be as a result of running?  I’m not really sure.

For now, my plan is to take a few days off from running even though it makes me really sad.  I’m going to try and ice my ankle this evening and for the next few days and see if that helps at all.


I’m really, really hoping that the injury is nothing serious.  If I continue to feel pain after following my self diagnosed treatment plan then I will seek help from a medical professional.  The last thing I want to do is seriously injure myself and have to put running on hold.

I’m hoping this is just a small hurdle and that I can overcome this quickly.

Question:  Have you ever had an injury that has forced you to take a break from something you really loved?

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