Walking on Sunshine

Today’s weather was such a tease!!  It got up to 77* today!  I am so ready for consistently warm weather!!  I was especially excited for today because I was going to spend my lunch break walking instead of just sitting at my desk.

I fueled up for my walk with a mid-morning snack of some Chobani and granola.


After discussions with my walking buddy, Heather, we decided to walk after lunch in hopes that it would be even warmer outside.  That meant that I got to enjoy my much anticipated lunch!


I have quite a bit of leftover chicken from Thursday night’s dinner so I decided to mix some of the cooked, shredded chicken with some buffalo sauce.  I microwaved the chicken/sauce combination and heaped it onto a whole wheat sandwich thin.  This sandwich was AMAZING!!  I am such a sucker for anything with buffalo sauce!


On the side, I had some apple slices and a small salad.  My lunch kept me full and fueled for my glorious walk.

Heather and I managed to walk about 2.5 miles in 35 minutes or so.  Neither one of us had a way to track our mileage and I didn’t really pay attention to when we left.  Heather and I have a pretty set course that takes us around City Island in Harrisburg and back to our office.

It felt so great to get outside and spend my lunch break walking instead of just sitting at my desk all day!  Heather and I usually try to walk on days when we are both in the office and the weather is somewhat nice.  I’m looking forward to many more walking lunches!

After seeing how absolutely beautiful it was outside I knew I wanted to complete my Couch to 5k workout outside today.  I ate a quick snack at the office and then left early to run before I picked the kids up from school.


The rest of my apple slices with some Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and a PBJ Larabar.

I headed over to a local park to do my running this afternoon.  I completed Week 4 Day 1 of the C25K program – I ended up doing the 5 minute warm-up twice because the app on my phone managed to reset itself.  I used another app to get an estimate of my mileage – 2.73 miles in 35 minutes.  I think it was a pretty good workout!

I took advantage of the sunshine and threw some turkey burgers on the grill for dinner tonight.  I paired the burgers with some leftover veggies.


Delicious!!  I’ve been doing a pretty good job of drinking water all day today.  I did not have an extra coffee at work today either!  Taking small steps to get myself back on track.

Question:  Did you check out my Motivation Monday post?

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