Schedule Success

In addition to pulling together my Workout Log page yesterday, I also set up a workout schedule for myself.  The schedule is not set in stone but will be more of a guide for myself so that I can stay on track.


As I mentioned yesterday, I have been slacking on my workouts lately.  I can attribute that 100% to not setting up a schedule for myself!  I am the type of person that NEEDS a schedule or a plan.  It keeps me sane (and accountable).  I thrive with order and structure in my life!

Breakfast today was a super yummy bowl of overnight oats with a very large spoonful of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.


I also finished off the last of the cantaloupe I cut up yesterday.  We managed to eat a whole cantaloupe in under 24 hours…it was delicious!!

Today’s “scheduled” workout was a chest strength training session and a Couch to 5K run.  I know I just did a C25K run yesterday, but with my new schedule, I needed to run two days in a row to set up for the remainder of the week.

My workout today was great – by the end my arms (and chest) definitely felt like Jell-O!!  Here’s what I did:

  • Bench Press w/ Barbell, 4 sets
  • Super Set #1
    • Incline Bench Press w/ Dumbbells, 4 sets
    • Incline Flyes w/ Dumbbells, 4 sets
  • Super Set #2
    • Decline Bench Press w/ Dumbbells, 4 sets
    • Pushups (Girly), 4 sets

In between each set, I rested for about 45 seconds.  The minimal rest kept my heart rate up and allowed for a quick, efficient workout

Despite the chilly temperatures (36*) I was determined to run outside.  I wasn’t able to run outside all week and I much prefer the outdoors to the treadmill.  I did Week 3 Day 3 of C25K on the track at the high school next to our neighborhood.  I’m not sure how much distance I covered because I don’t have any way to track that – yet.

Post workout fuel – a Mochaccino protein shake!


I worked around the house the rest of the morning and finally stopped for 10 minutes to shove my face full of food!


Lunch was a quesadilla made with some leftover shredded chicken (from Thursday’s dinner), shredded cheese and taco sauce.  I had a handful of carrots on the side, unfortunately I ran out of hummus earlier in the week so the carrots were just naked.

The afternoon consisted of more chores.  Remind me not to let my ironing pile up.  I spent a good hour ironing work blouses that have accumulated for several weeks months.

I finally got a few minutes to sit down and immediately made myself a yogurt bowl.


I love me a good yogurt bowl – peach Chobani, frozen blueberries and granola!!  The perfect afternoon snack!

Now to decide what’s for dinner!

Question:  Do you set a workout schedule or just wing it?

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