Tight Squeeze

When getting dressed for work every day this week I was having a real tough time finding outfits that I would be comfortable in all day.  I have started to notice that my pants have been a little snug and I’m not really liking that. 



When I thought about the reasons why my pants wouldn’t be fitting so well I came up with a couple of ideas:

  • the free snacks at work
  • slacking on my workouts
  • mindless eating
  • too much caffeine
  • not enough water
  • PMS

With the exception of the last item on the list, all of the items are completely under my control!  Starting today I’m taking steps towards living that healthy lifestyle I enjoy! 

The goal for today (and the future) is to limit my caffeine to my morning cup of coffee and to increase my water intake.  I typically tote around a large 24 oz. water bottle and I’m striving to drink at least 4 full bottles every day.  (I’ll also be working on the other items on the list too – today was just focused on the water/caffeine ratio)

Breakfast today was some of Janetha’s protein pancakes.


I used my chocolate peanut butter protein powder this time but I think I will stick with vanilla next time.  We also had a really juicy cantaloupe so I had a small bowl of that with my pancakes.


This cantaloupe is out of this world delicious!!  The girls have managed to polish off a large chunk of this cantaloupe this morning.  Good thing we have another one ripening on the counter!

The weather today was very dreary and I wasn’t able to get outside for my Couch to 5K workout.  Fortunately the girls were patient with me and I hopped on the treadmill in the basement and completed Week 3 Day 2.


I ran 1.7 miles in 25 minutes…not too bad!!  I recently started tracking my running on Daily Mile.  If you are a member, check out my profile and send me a friend request!

My post-run snack was a slice of bread with a large schmear of Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.


By the time lunch rolled around, I was starving!!  I really wanted some of our leftover chicken from dinner last night but had to restrain myself since it’s Lent.  Instead I settled for a MorningStar veggie burger, sweet potato pancakes and steamed veggies.


I picked up these Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato pancakes  from the frozen foods section of the store.  They are the first potato pancakes I have ever had and they were delicious!


They come individually wrapped and you just pop them under the broiler for about 15 minutes.  Easy peasy!

Question:  What do you do when you feel yourself slipping away from healthy living?  How do you get back on track?

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