If the Shoe Fits…

Today I was on the hunt for my first pair of legitimate running shoes.  I did a quick Google search for “running stores Harrisburg” and discovered Inside Track.  Inside Track is a local running store with locations in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Lancaster. 

I stopped in at the Mechanicsburg location and was instantly greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable employee (didn’t get his name).  I told him that I was looking for my first pair of running shoes and that I was a little nervous because I have really small feet.

He said that they will do what they can to help me find the right shoes.  He asked me to take my shoes and socks off so he could look at my foot.  After looking at the arch in my foot and my ankle I was told that I should wear a neutral shoe. 

The guy went back to the stock room and came back with 3 pairs of shoes in a size 6, all different brands (I normally wear a size 5 or 5.5).  I tried on each pair and was told to take each pair for a test run on the sidewalk outside the store. 

After trying all three pairs on I selected the shoes that felt the most natural on my feet.


I selected the Reebok Premier Verona Supreme shoes.  They felt the most natural on my feet and were just the right size.  Despite the fact that they were a larger size than what I’m used to the extra room was actually encouraged.


I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow for my next run.  In yesterdays post I forgot to mention that I completed Week 1 Day 2 of C25K last night.  It was my first run outside and it was FABULOUS!! I will be taking advantage of the mild weather and running outside again tomorrow. 

Question – If you are a runner, what are your favorite running shoes?

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