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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


We started a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition this year in the Kirkpatrick household.  A little Leprechaun snuck into our house while the girls were at school today and caused some mischief.  The Leprechaun went into the girls’ room and took all the clothes out of their dresser and spread them around their room. 

IMG_2691 IMG_2692



The girls were on the lookout all day for Leprechauns.  They asked a ton of questions about them and happily wore green today so they would not get pinched by the Leprechauns. 

When I picked them up from school I told them that I had stopped by our house before I picked them up and I thought I heard a Leprechaun upstairs.  When the girls got home they were calling around for the Leprechauns…they really wanted to see them.  I told them that I thought they were upstairs earlier today. 

They rushed upstairs and looked in their room.  As soon as Kay-Kay saw her room she said, “Those Leprechauns are such troublemakers!  Look at my room, it’s a mess!”  She was so cute!!  She then asked who was going to clean up the mess.  As she started to clean up the clothes she was calling to the Leprechauns, “Come out come out Leprechauns!”

It really was such a fun thing.  They really enjoyed the idea of Leprechauns.  They looked all over to try and find a Leprechaun.  I definitely think the Leprechauns will be making a stop at our house every year to cause a little mischief. 

Special thanks to my friend Julie for the idea!!

Question:  Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

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