Couch 2 5K

Today I completed Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch 2 5K program!!  I had started running just a few weeks ago and was doing pretty good.  I started out really strong but I didn’t want to overdo it so I decided to follow the program since it’s designed for those just beginning to run. 



I completed 1.89 miles in 28 minutes today….not too bad!!  I used the C25K Android app to help with timing and it was awesome!  I downloaded the Pro version because of some of the added features.  The app notified me with a bell sound every time I had to switch from running to walking.  I used the Pandora app for running music and had a great selection of upbeat songs for the entire 28 minutes.  I’m looking forward to my next run already!

After yesterday’s discussion of intuitive eating, I tried really hard today to recognize the times when I was truly hungry and the times when I was reaching for food to deal with an emotion.  Today wasn’t a stressful day so I was pretty in tune with my hunger cues and avoided the emotional eating.  Taking it one day at a time!

Todays eats:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal, strawberries, coffee


  • AM Snack – Chobani with granola – thought I took a picture…guess not : )
  • Lunch – spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, almonds, dried cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette


  • Dinner – Leftover turkey breast tenderloin, brown rice and carrots (no picture…too hungry)

Workout – Week 1 Day 1 of C25K

Question:  Have you completed the C25K program?  What did you think of it?

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