Brief Hiatus



I have had a minor set back in my running.  I have a small injury on my pinky toe of my right foot.  It’s painful to walk sometimes so running has been out of the question.  I’m hoping that in a week or so I will be all healed and ready to run again. 

In the meantime, I will be updating my iPod with some new tunes.  I’ve got a nice list of songs that I can’t wait to download.  New music is always motivating. 

I’m thinking about getting some new shoes too.  The shoes I currently use for working out are easily 3+ years old.  They are starting to get worn down.  I’m sure they are fine for strength training but probably not for running.  If I’m really serious about running I should have the proper shoes so that I don’t get injured. 

You may have also noticed that I stopped taking picture of my food – brief hiatus on that too.  Work has been so crazy lately that I always forget my camera and I’m constantly eating the same meals because it’s quick and easy. When things calm down at work (after March 15th) pictures of my meals should start back up again.

Question:  What are some of your favorite songs on your running playlist?

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